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H’Ohm is situated on 60 acres of lush, unspoilt jungle in the Mayan mountains, on the picturesque Hummingbird highway in Belize. Our family funded and organized community is built around and within the natural living environment that surrounds us, creating a healing, inspiring and transformative space for our members. 


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H’Ohm Micro Communities

We host travelers on a regular basis, who can rent our accommodations at the D’Ohm Dorm.

H’Ohm Workshops

We host our space for regular meditation/yoga and other holistic wellness practices.

H’Ohm Products

We create and sell an all-natural line of personal care products for people and pets.

H'Ohm Community Initiatives

Leading by example and displaying benefit is the best way to evoke change in the world.


Our efforts are centered around building an eco-community, a tribe that offers a safe and productive haven for our members, year-round. We believe in challenging ourselves to meet nature without fear and live in harmony with her with humility. It’s a soul-awakening experience to live in the jungle and be one of the many species teeming inside.


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What an incredible experience! Volunteering at the retreat with Sean, Louisa and Mia was a fantastic experience. I only stayed two weeks, but felt like I really got to know them. They are lovely people, who genuinely love and care for their animals.

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I stayed at H’ohm jungle retreat for about two weeks and man did the time fly! Staying with Louisa and Mike was such a treat. I enjoyed the variety of work I did, but the hospitality was what will always be remembered.

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What I liked the most about this place was the nature. The property is surrounded by jungle and there is a river, where you can swim. And so many stars at night! Bugs are really killing though, so consider bringing some long pants. There are caves and other attractions nearby that you can visit.

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H'Ohm Products

We produce and sell artisan goods, mostly focused around nutrition and wellness for people and animals, in support of our cooperative’s goals.
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